New Zealand Management Academy

社區學院 Community College
Certificate, Diploma, University Foundation / Community College (大學預科/社區學院)

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Our goal is to help every single student learn to move ahead. 


NZMA 提供的不僅是教育:我們給予希望。靈感。和動機。


我們的班級規模較小,這讓您有更多與導師一對一的時間 – 並且有更多機會了解您的同學。您會發現導師可以調整他們的教學方式以適應您的學習風格。

如果您距離校園不近或需要更靈活的學習選擇,我們提供各種 線上 和非全日制課程。

正是這樣的事情讓很多學生成為了NZMA的忠實粉絲。走進校園,看看他們的笑臉,看看為什麼 NZMA 適合您。


Why choose NZMA?

NZMA offers far more than education: We give hope. Inspiration. And motivation.

Whether you know what you want to study, or have no idea, we’ll help you with the tools and support you need to start your journey.

We have smaller classes, which gives you more one-on-one time with your tutor – and more chance to get to know your classmates. And you’ll find the tutors can adapt the way they teach to suit your learning style.

If you’re not close to a campus or need more flexible study options, we have a wide range of online and part-time courses available.

It’s things like this that make many students big fans of NZMA. Drop in to a campus, see the smiling faces and see why NZMA could be the place for you.