King Edward’s Witley

Co-education, 中學/高中 High School, 寄宿學校 Boarding School




100 英畝為每個人提供機會

我們是一所小型但資源豐富的獨立寄宿和走讀學校,招收 11 至 18 歲的男女生。這個充滿活力的網站提供了廣泛的機會,讓每個學生都有機會發現最好的自己。在愛德華國王酒店,每個人都能找到適合自己的東西。

自從年輕的愛德華六世國王將其布萊德威爾宮捐贈給窮人進行培訓和教育以來,500 年來的大部分時間都是如此。這種慷慨和包容的行為多年來引起了共鳴。它激發了一種開創性的教育方法和我們共同努力的統一意識。




About us

A unique school, happy in its distinctiveness

King Edward’s Witley stands out for its rich historic connections, inclusive Christian ethos, lively international mix of pupils and the deep affection that pupils and parents feel for the School. Lives take shape here. Creative thinkers, problem-solvers, social advocates, and independently minded entrepreneurs learn what they are capable of within our peaceful setting in the Surrey Hills. Could your child realise their potential with us?

100 acres of opportunity for everyone

We’re a small and resourceful independent boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 11 to 18. Our 100-acre campus inspires curiosity, invites exploration and prompts discovery. The breadth of opportunity on this lively site gives every pupil the means to discover the best version of themselves. At King Edward’s there is something for everyone.

It’s been that way for the best part of 500 years, ever since a young King Edward VI donated his Bridewell Palace for the training and education of the poor. That act of generosity and inclusiveness resonates down the years. It inspired a pioneering approach to education and our unifying sense of shared endeavour.

Happy, confident adults start here

More than anything, this beautiful School is a place of learning and laughter. There is so much warmth and support because we treat each other well. Here, young people learn how to be happy, confident adults.