Hailebury School

Co-education, 中學/高中 High School





2022 年 ISI 檢查報告



7年級和8年級的課程包括強大的核心科目,並輔以技術和計算方面的擴展研討會、音樂和戲劇的擴展時間以及兩個完整下午的體育和遊戲。隨著學生升上 9 年級,一系列客製化課程進一步補充了核心課程,從高級天文物理學到全球文明;這些使我們的學生能夠開始追隨他們的熱情。

在 10 年級和 11 年級,我們為所有學生提供學習 10 門或 11 門 GCSE 課程的機會,確保課程保持廣度。

進入六年級時,我們透過選擇提供廣泛而平衡的課程:學生可以選擇 IBDP 或 A Level 途徑,如果他們選擇後者,他們的學習將得到一系列學術選修課的補充,使他們能夠專注於專業化在特別感興趣的領域。


Academic overview

We want all of our pupils to be academically curious, intellectually ambitious, creative and imaginative.

We believe that our pupils should be equipped with powerful knowledge that allows them to understand and make sense of the world around them.

“Pupils listen actively to the teacher and to each other in lessons and this enhances their learning considerably.”

ISI Inspection Report 2022

Our unrivalled curriculum supports pupils to understand how to apply this powerful knowledge, and seek out opportunities to use it with imagination.

We want our pupils to go beyond what has already been thought and said. Our distinctive education allows the pupils to identify as subject specialists, but to understand the responsibility that comes with being at the forefront of academic enquiry.

In Years 7 and 8, the curriculum consists of a strong core of subjects, which is complemented with extended workshops in Technology and Computing, extended periods for Music and Drama and two full afternoons of PE and Games. As pupils progress into Year 9, the core is further complemented by a series of bespoke courses, which range from Advanced Astrophysics to Global Civilisations; these enable our pupils to start to follow their passions.

In Years 10 and 11, by offering all of our pupils the chance to study ten or eleven GCSEs, we ensure that the curriculum retains breadth.

Into the Sixth Form, our broad and balanced curriculum is offered through choice: pupils can choose the IBDP or the A Level pathway, and , if they opt for the latter, their studies are complemented by a series of Academic Electives that enable them to specialise in areas of specific interest.