Bournemouth Collegeiate School (BCS)

Co-education, Rec to Year 13, 中學/高中 High School, 寄宿學校 Boarding School

伯恩茅斯學院學校是多塞特郡的一所私立學校,為 3 至 18 歲的學生提供最好的男女同校、走讀和寄宿教育。

您可以找到我們的多塞特私立學校 分佈 在伯恩茅斯地區的兩個地點,我們的 高中 距離南伯恩海灘陽光明媚的沙灘僅 5 分鐘步行路程,而我們的 預科學校 則位於下帕克斯通綠樹成蔭的郊區。 

BCS 的重點是提供充實、全面的全人教育, 在學生的 BCS 旅程中,學術 和個人成就與發展同等重要。我們比以往任何時候都更有責任培養和支持我們的孩子,讓他們為這個不斷變化的世界做好準備,確保我們在他們就讀多塞特郡私立學校時為他們教育的各個方面“增加價值” 。

我們為提供「有品格的教育」而感到自豪 ,提供廣泛的機會和經驗,幫助激勵和培養我們的學生成為自信、快樂和雄心勃勃的年輕人。

我們位於多塞特郡的私立學校提供密集的 預科課程、 高中課程、 六年級課程 和密集課程,將學術技能和課外活動結合在一起。從參加 BCS 體育學院,到海外旅行和大學參觀;產業領袖的勵志演講;以及與我們當地、國家和國際合作夥伴的合作機會。

我們知道,只要齊心協力,我們就能不斷取得非凡成就。花點時間深入了解 我們過去和現在的學生的非凡故事 ,他們在使 BCS 成為多塞特郡最好的私立學校之一方面發揮了巨大作用。


Bournemouth Collegiate School is a private school in Dorset offering the very best in independent co-education, day and boarding, from ages 3-18.

You can find our Dorset private schools located across two sites in the Bournemouth area, our Senior School is positioned just a five-minute walk from the sunny sands of Southbourne beaches, while our Prep School is situated in the leafy suburb of Lower Parkstone. 

Our focus at BCS is to offer a fulfilling, all-round holistic education which places equal importance on academic and personal achievements and developments for our pupils throughout their BCS journey. We have a greater responsibility than ever before to nurture and support our children to prepare them for this ever-changing world, ensuring we are ‘adding value’ to all aspects of their education as they attend our Dorset private schools.

We pride ourselves in delivering ‘Education with Character’, providing a breadth of opportunities and experiences which help inspire and round our students into confident, happy and ambitious young adults.

Our private school in Dorset offers an enhanced Prep curriculum, Senior curriculum, Sixth Form curriculum and enrichment programme which combine a dynamic mix of academic skills and extracurricular activities. From taking part in the BCS Sports Academies, to overseas trips and university visits; inspirational talks from industry leaders; and collaborative opportunities with our local, national and international partners.

We know that together, we consistently achieve the extraordinary. Take a moment to delve into the extraordinary stories of our past and current students who have played a huge role in making BCS one of the best private schools in Dorset.